Cemuchca (Cap-Haïtien)

In the beginning Cemuchca was a musical ensemble from Cap-Haïtien, that later evolved into a music school welcoming everyone from the age of 5 years old. At the moment, the school has 350 students and 250 people following the summer camps that are organized each year. The Cemuchca has branches in the cities of Limbe, Milot, Port-au- Prince and La Gonnace. Since 2012, within the framework of our partnership with Cemuchca, Music Fund has ensured the shipment of 450 instruments; we have also set up and equipped two permanent repair workshops and provided training in repair techniques to two people (stringed instruments and wind-instruments). In 2017, we organised a 3-month advanced internship for one of these two repair technicians in Marche-en-Famenne, in Gent (Joris Buysse’s Papageno workshop) and in France at Rigoutat for further specialized training in wind-instruments repair techniques.

In 2018-2020, we aim to develop training sessions on wind-instruments and violins. We plan to invite the violin repair technician to Marche and to Cremona. We also need to go to Haiti to explore how we can develop our collaboration further. We need to do this, notably for piano tuners. Lastly, we plan to send 200 more instruments to Cemuchca.

Pictures and videos

Cemuchca_Jerôme Giersé
Cemuchca2_Jerôme Giersé