Music Fund Repair Challenge EN

Music Fund Repair Challenge


Let’s repair 100 instruments in 6 days,  for music schools in developing countries or in conflit zone. Take up the challenge, under the supervision of expert musical instruments makers and repairers : Jessica De Saedeleer (strings) and Déborah Lémery (winds)


23 → 28 August 2021


Advanced students of European Musical Instrument Making and Repair schools

Only 10 participants allowed


Music Fund Workshop
Rue Chantraine, 4-6
B-6900 Marche-en-Famenne




On saturday, Marche-en-Famenne will vibrate to the rhythm of a particular event: Statue en Marche. During a weekend, the city will be populated with… living statues! The streets will be traveled by a large number of visitors. In this festive atmosphere, it will be an opportunity for Music Fund to open its doors and show the fruitful results of the challenge led by the participants of the Music Fund Repair Challenge !

Lunchs and accommodation are affored by Music Fund ! As a participant, you’ll have the opportinity to stay in a cottage, in Mormont, a peaceful and lovely village near to Marche en Famenne. The car rides between Marche en Famenne and Mormont are also offered by Music Fund.


Please send your CV, application letter and some pictures of your work to Christian Bertram (

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